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Poking At The Web

As soon as life got busy and problems reared up, I lost my momentum here in message board land. I meant to do more visiting and drum up more traffic, but is that even possible these days?

I don’t think I am the only person who used to think the web was amazing, but now only uses it to hunt for jobs (which experts say is NOT the best way to get a job), or check message and photos from my kids. Sometimes it is helpful for checking a map, (less so, now that they make the roads an almost invisible shade of grey on a white background), and assuming the location info is not three years out of date.

I think the early excitement of creating something new and fab has faded from the internet, as free HTML editors and free image storing sites have been replaced with the inevitable hands out for money. And while no one is admitting it yet, I think it has drastically shrunk the interest that the public has in participating.

The worldwide web was a playground the public built with their millions of home-made homepages, of every type and on every subject. But later we were expected to pay to use that playground, and the dominant search engines stopped listing our homepages and message boards, to add insult to injury. They were players; now they have been benched.

How many young people today ever saw webpages like that, let alone have built one?

The web is not even as useful for research as it is purported to be, less an information highway and more of a stack of sales flyers!

I could post dozens of examples of failed and frustrating attempts to find information online, rephrasing my search criteria again and again, including the very info you would expect to find easily, such as business addresses, or LOCAL news on a local newspaper’s website! Then there are the professional websites that include DEAD LINKS, as if they paid for a website but never updated it.

When it comes to scientific or medical information, too often there is someone with a vested interested in SELLING something behind most sites, so you have to keep verifying information. As you do so, you realize that the sites are word-for-word THE SAME, because they are ripping off each other’s webpages in order to host ads! They may not even know if they are posting accurate info, and probably do not care.

If it annoys me, I know it annoys hundreds of thousands of others, too! I returned to libraries, clinics and pharmacies for that information now. Trustworthy sources. I doubt it I am the only one.

And social media.. a glorified ad-viewing platform that turns your personal information into another product to sell. Is it really as popular as we are told? I’ve met plenty of people who don’t bother with it anymore, or who never did.

I used to think that Facebook refused to delete pages so they could continue collecting as much information as possible on people (to sell) through their contacts who are still on Facebook. But now I wonder if there is another reason they refuse to delete pages. I bet it would be really enlightening to find out how many people have left Facebook! They really don’t want people to know their membership numbers. For one thing, advertisers would realize what percentage of their “viewers” were unused ghost accounts.

I became suspicious when Facebook added the “what you were doing a year ago” feature, which suggests that people were not posting enough about their current activities to keep their contacts interested in visiting their page! That would be the slippery slope to not logging on at all, because the rest of the feed gets really repetitive.

I am not claiming that the internet is a deserted ghost town, but I think it has lost a lot of its allure, and even a lot of young people spend less time on it than they used to, because ads are everywhere online now, and ads are boring!! And kids can not tolerate boredom. Kids have their phone texts, a few hundred TV channels, a half-dozen types of game machines! They even go out to hang with their friends, or practice with their team.

Variety is the spice of life, and a lot of internet variety was stifled when users were chased off the creative field, and the web was turned into a badly-concealed ad channel.

I remember adding background images to my homepages on Geocities, Tripod, Excite and Angelfire. I organized words and images in hidden tables, and designed my own unique link button images (for Next Page, Back, Click Here, etc) then I would join a web ring and see homepages that were entirely different from mine. Some looked more sleek than others, but they were all unique. They expressed the individuality of their builders.

Now there is a uniformity to websites as if they were all produced for the same purpose, using the same template. If you think people won’t get bored with this and wander away after a few minutes of giggles over funny photos, you are overestimating the human tolerance for repetition.

The most creative thing the internet produces these days are the MYTHS that it is essential, the best resource for knowledge, and the center of our undivided attention.

The internet is like any other product: you have to be convinced that you that you need it - often, and for everything - or they don’t get paid. So they exaggerate, and lie.

I believe their bored and fickle audience is why they are working to insert internet into things that never needed internet at all, such as our TVs, our fitness regime, and even CPAP machines! (All the user can do with a CPAP machine is change the moisture level! A CPAP machine needs the web like a steering wheel needs a coffee filter.)

There are also things that should be kept well away from the web due to its huge hacking issues. Banking, income tax, and payroll: nothing should be further from the web than your social security and bank account numbers!

I think people should enjoy what they enjoy on the web, and use what is useful, but don’t believe it’s self-selling hype. It is not half what it claims to be. Don’t let it into your personal business, don't make it your only source for information, and teach young people to limit their trust in it and their time with it.

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Re: Poking At The Web


sorry I have not been around but I am now.

I willl look around a bit emoticon


P.S. I Love You

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