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Re-post: When Updates are Downgrades

Anyone who has owned more than one or two "devices" - be it computer, phone, tablet, whatever - has probably learned that updates often turn out to be downgrades, and yet the owners of these devices are provided less information and choice regarding what is going to 'change' in the device they OWN, and less freedom to say No than they did during the early days of personal computers.

This isn't right. If you buy a car, fully paid for, and the dealer walks onto your driveway and adds a stupid looking spoiler without your permission, while changing your wheels to cheaper tires, and disabling your heated seats, could they get away with it? No! So why can they get away with changing your electronic devices against your will?

I’ve seen scare tactics used to get me to accept updates which are not fully described to the customer -- some claim that it fixes "security issues" -- while half the junk that is added has nothing to do with security. If security warnings are not enough, then they harrass you with endless reminders.

In reality, they are just making work for themselves by fixing things that are not broken. And their fix may actually be a nuisance that you cannot undo. Oh, there might be some improvements, but are you able to pick and choose what goes in? These days you are not even told what the update will include!

For example, I own an iPAD, and almost every upgrade has removed features from the iPAD, or added something ridiculous. One upgrade prevented a USB reader from working. I just bought the USB reader from Apple, and less than 3 months later they disabled it with an "upgrade". Another alleged "security update" included a change to the photo image editor, forcing the crop tool to line faces up in the middle of pictures, no matter how I was trying to crop them. (Who was the idiot who assumed all photos would look good with a face in the middle and tons of empty space above it? Moreover, what is the point of giving me a crop tool, then changing what I select?)

Right now I own a phone that frequently demands I acknowledge an UPDATE that I really DO NOT WANT. The company (Motorola or Google) does not even do customers the courtesy of providing a "No Thanks" option. The choice is between "Yes" and "No Thanks, Maybe Later". 'Maybe Later' means it reminds me again 4 or 5 times each day, sometimes while I am typing a text message. But I chose that phone based on how it functions right now, and I am not going to let them change a darn thing. emoticono:

I have been unable to find any information online about how to stop this notification without accepting the update. I cannot even find WHO is responsible for providing that info. :?:


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